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Transform your tech agency from chaos to clarity with process optimization. I help tech agencies achieve growth with a combination of digital transformation, agile coaching, and process optimization

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 “If you are looking for a hard working, honest and solution oriented person, Amandeep is the person”

Tarvinder Singh, CEO
Technocrats Horizons


Your Pain Areas

I have seen these common problems agencies face while running their business

The Biggest Mistake?

You think you can fix all these problems internally and don’t need external help

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Your business processes aren’t clearly defined

Your employee retention rate is too low

Your teams are too immature to handle big stakeholders

It doesn’t need to be like that…Right?

I have helped several businesses to solve their business problems and achieve their goals. This resulted in an improvement in their teamwork and revenue

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I’d like to show love from my clients

Pallavi Rai

Senior Lead

Aman is an amazing Management Consultant & Agile Program Manager and has been tremendously helpful to me and the agency I worked with over the past 15 months. 

Tarvinder S.


Aman took ownership of every aspect of his job and every project he was involved in. If you are looking for a hard working, honest and solution oriented person, Amandeep is the person.

Akshay Jain

Founder, DNAGrowth

He understands what is required to get the job done. Hard worker and always willing to learn.

Okay, let’s focus now…

How do I work?

If you ask about my process, then I don’t work with specific consulting templates; I tailor my approach to address your specific business challenges and provide relevant solutions.

Assessing the Issue

My initial step involves a comprehensive assessment, facilitating retrospectives, and uncovering root causes to address your business challenges, fostering sustainable growth

Find Right Solution

I’ll design the vital processes, strategies, build the right products, and provide coaching to empower your business teams for ongoing success

Execute Strategies

Now, I’ll pinpoint and apply tailored solutions to address your organization’s specific concerns

Let’s explore my services

Click on the option below that best describes where you are at with your business right now

Leadership Development

In the era of rapid digitization, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to consultants for expert insights and effective solutions to their challenges

Organization Transformation

I collaborate with businesses to craft custom growth strategies and internal processes.

Agile Project Delivery

Leverage my comprehensive service range, built on a strong foundation of 12 years in web and mobile app project delivery and backed by certifications as a SAFE Agilist, Outsystems Delivery Specialist, and Digital Marketer

Low Code Development

I help businesses thrive by transforming their ideas and enhancing their growth through low- and no-code development

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I promise, no cliché advices – only practical advices


Empowering a HubSpot Agency: Setting Up Dev & Sales Teams, Tools, and Processes

Project Management – ClickUp

Streamlined Internal Processes

Built Teams of Developers & Marketers

New & Old Customer Acquisition

This company was one of the growing HubSpot agencies in North India with a team of SEO, graphic, and 2 HubSpot developers.

The founder of the agency wanted to make his 3 years old agency one of the leading HubSpot one-stop-shops by targeting niche clients with a good customer support team.

14 new clients and regained old ones

20% increase in employee engagement